Training of the Judiciary on Telecommunications Law and Regulations


Pygma Consulting was commissioned to provide training to the Judiciary of a SADC country on ICT legislation and regulations. The training was intended to unpack the implementation and practice of the ICT legislation and regulations in the sector.


The training framed the ICT sector and its far reaching impact in everyday, the intention was to make what is often intangible and far-fetched relatable and fathomable for the Judiciary. Furthermore, the training also highlighted the economic impact and commercial value of certain contentious aspects of regulation and ICT in general.
The team also framed the national ICT sector against the backdrop of the region and the world, this provided depth and appreciation of the importance of independent regulation.


The team covered various aspects of the Regulatory Authority’s mandate, including, Competition, Economic Regulation, Technical Regulation, Licensing and Compliance, Universal Service and Access, Convergence etc.


Furthermore, the training provided insight into some of the regulatory tools used by the Authority such as regulatory impact analyses and assessments of regulatory effectiveness, highlighting factors such as regulatory transparency and independence, policy objectives, enforcements, compliance and monitoring mechanisms.