Reviewing of the National Numbering Plan


Pygma Consulting worked with the regulator to review the existing numbering plan. A national numbering is a scarce resource that needs to be planned for and administered prudently. Pygma joined the Regulatory Authority’s team in reviewing the existing numbering plan and identified key issues around the existing plan. Pygma leveraged the existing resources and frameworks to create a sustainable, implementable, and futuristic  numbering plan. The report analysis explored the relevant legislation, various codes’ and frameworks, premium rated services, non-geographic non-mobile numbers, secondary assignments of the regulator and that of the Central numbering database (CNDB) and made recommendations accordingly.


Pygma Consulting framed and analysed the industry and regulatory consultations which informed the subsequent numbering principles workshop; Pygma encourages a thoroughly consultative and inclusive approach to regulatory where possible.


The outcome led the team to providing a recommendations report, and an update of the CNDB manual to reflect the recent findings and guide the future of the numbering. Pygma Consulting strongly believes in capacity building and skills transfer; this was central to the approach and structure of the teams interaction with the Regulator’s management staff.