Repositioning Strategy for Telecoms Operator


Pygma Consulting assumed the role of regulatory advisor for a Telecoms operator as an integral component of the operator’s strategy for development as an emerging participant in growing regional and international ICT markets.
Under its mandate, Pygma Consulting conducted a rigorous assessment into the current state of the operator’s governance structure, its commercial activities, and its appropriateness within the current and future competitive sector.


A financial review was conducted, focusing on the operator’s costs, revenue and related areas of management and operations. The review further looked at the operator’s human capital environment and how to leverage it to maximise business growth opportunities.


Based on the assessment, Pygma’s team developed repositioning options and discussed the implications on the client’s operations, and concluded with final recommendations to the client.


Pygma Consulting’s pivotal role on this project, equipped the client with the capacity to extend its services footprint and business activities by operating in a regional and international environment.