Regulatory analysis across the African continent

Pygma Consulting was tasked with the  regulatory and policy assessment of 22 African countries, specifically focused at frameworks that enable the client to provide In-flight connectivity (“IFC”) on local and international aircrafts.


We undertook a due diligence of the regulatory requirements and process for the licensing and operating of public telecommunication aeronautical services.


The analysis further focused on the relevant electronic communication licensing processes, procedures, fees and timeframes as they related to IFC.


The analysis informed the client on foreign ownership restrictions and requirements respective to each country, and enforcement and obligations pertaining to electronic communications operators.


Furthermore, Pygma assessed the ease of doing business and process for market entry, taking into consideration the economic and political climates respective to these countries. This analysis was tabled in a risk matrix, with summaries of the regulatory and policy risks.


Lastly, Pygma reviewed the potential impact of compliance broad and key issues as well as emerging national regulatory and patterns relevant to our client’s future operations.