Zomzi Nkwentsha

Office Manager

Zomzi Nkwentsha carries the responsibility of ensuring that all our office operations run seamlessly as the Pygma Office Manager. Zomzi brings over 8 years of professional experience, she has a proven track record of handling high-volume administrative work and high-pressure project coordination. Her academic background in Administrative Management and Tourism Management has further empowered her with the required skills and knowledge to competently carry out her office management duties.

Zomzi’s handles our day-to-day management of assigned directors and staff members. She executes these duties capably and efficiently through managing the diaries of the respective staff, she assists with scheduling appointments, managing their availability for key meetings. She further oversees various procurement tasks and makes sure that all necessary communication pertaining to travel, conferences and arrangements for external guests are consistently in place.

Zomzi actively provides support for the whole office, she ensures that the staff is equipped with the necessary tools to efficiently carry out their duties; her work truly contributes to the development and smooth operation of Pygma.