Universal Access and Service (“UAS”) Strategic Plan


Pygma Consulting provided regulatory and advisory services to a client for the development of a Universal access and services outlining the programmes, policies and concomitant modus operandi of the UAS agency to ensure availability and accessibility of ICT services for all citizens across a Southern African country.


A review of the ICT sector was conducted by Pygma, taking into account the communications infrastructure and the extent of provision of services and access services.


The client required to be positioned as a facilitator of UAS in the country and as such, Pygma identified and assessed quality and quantity gaps and reviewed implementation models vital to achieve digital inclusivity within the country.

Pygma further advised on how operational arrangement could be leveraged for a successful delivery and implementation of the strategy plan required to bridge the country’s digital divide.


Pygma also provided an insight into suitable rates and parameters of contribution to the UAS Fund.
Pygma’s advisory services culminated into the production of a final UAS strategy report.