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Along with a partner, Pygma Consulting was commissioned to assist a state-owned entity with a preliminary assessment for expansion.


Pygma Consulting provided a report underpinned by a critical analysis of the possibility of the entity pursuing identified opportunities in eight targeted African countries.


As part of its regulatory and advisory function, Pygma Consulting identified the most viable low cost approaches to enable the client to expand its revenue streams in terms of the provision of its networks for public bodies.


The report considered the potential business opportunities for the client, based on Pygma Consulting’s understanding of the company’s current business.


The report also identified the relevant markets in Africa and informed the client on investment opportunities based on mobile, fixed, Internet Services Providers and broadcasting markets coupled with a comprehensive assessment of the political, social and economic risks of each country.


The ongoing analysis examined the relationship between each country’s governments and how this could be leveraged  and whether the competitive environment was conducive to the client entry to the market.