Local Economic Empowerment Framework

Our Work Empowerment Capacity building

A Central African Government Agency commissioned Pygma Consulting to provide advisory services for the newly legislated local economic empowerment framework. The legislation is aimed at promoting local economic participation in critical sectors such as hydro carbon, mining, telecommunication and construction. The Agency responsible for the implementation of the economic empowerment legislation has been tasked with launching a programme that would encourage established businesses to use local suppliers.


Pygma Consulting developed an industry participation framework on behalf of the Agency and we conducted a multi-industry engagement (workshop) with the aim of informing affected industrial and civil society organisations on the prescripts of the legislation and the requirements of the economic empowerment legislation.


Pygma framed the importance of developing regulatory tools and guidelines, formulating frameworks for reporting and monitoring, and creating a high level implementation plan as favourable conditions to give effect to the rules of the subcontracting law across all sectors.

The workshop looked at factors that are crucial in fulfilling the goals and adequate enactment of the empowerment legislation such as robust processes and systems that are easy to understand to enable adherence.


The outcomes of the workshop were consolidated into a report which was shared with the government agency. The report set out the findings of the conference, the inputs of the stakeholders and highlighted the areas of contention within the industries.