Growth Strategy For a Telecoms Operator


Pygma Consulting was engaged under the auspices of the West Africa Regional Communications Infrastructure Program (WARCIP) for the appropriate Re-positioning of a telecoms operator in light of  changes  brought  by the then newly installed  African Coast to Europe (“ACE”)  cable, which  significantly increased access for  ICT service-providers in the country.


The initial due diligence looked into the company’s management structure , as well as the administrative, technical, regulatory  and commercial aspects of the operations.


The due diligence conducted by Pygma was underpinned by a critical analysis of the operator’s current governance structure, its board’s structure, its functions and decision making roles. As part of its operational  advisory services, Pygma assessed   the operator’s ownership and corporate structure, licensing status, and interconnection agreements against the backdrop of the country’s ICT sector.


Pygma Consulting identified key areas and issues representing the operator’s  strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats and their impact on  its performance within the relevant markets.

The outcome of this analysis was the provision of a report setting out options for the operator’s repositioning. Lastly, Pygma recommended actions across all parts of the company, including regulatory and governance, operations and technical, finance, commercial, organisation, and human capital.