The future of ICT in Africa

Pygma was commissioned to provide an in-depth analysis of the future of ICT on the continent. The report designed a model review of the African ICT sector (2010), which informed the forecast  anticipated  for the evolution on the continent.


The study looked into the impact of the “mobile revolution” in Africa and evaluated growth trends relative to technology advancement, infrastructure growth, the rise of social media and smartphone accessibility. Underpinning the forecast growth has to be infrastructure, the continents’ ability to meet the demand and sustain the capacity of growth. Pygma provided an analysis which focused on “the broadband revolution” in Africa against the backdrop of infrastructure  development,  rising educational levels, increased urbanisation and the growth of African middle class.


The client required a Fintech perspective to the ICT sector which explored the status of mobile payments and financial services in Africa. The study further examined the methods by which telecommunication companies leveraged technology, innovation and access to design financial services models that have had a big impacted on the sector. This analysis informed how the financial services can leverage technology as a catalyst for inclusion for the underserved, unserved and informal economies on the continent.

The study was underpinned by a critical analysis of universal access and service such as accessibility, availability, and affordability of network infrastructure, international bandwidth, the devices, content and cloud capacity. We also provided an insight on the potential impact of these trends on society and on mobile financial services taking into account the various financial services legislation and protection of data regulations for data centres.


As part of the final delivery to the client, Pygma’s team conceptualised six scenarios for the development of ICT in the financial services and discussed the major implications on the financial services sector, and  concluded by making recommendations to our client.